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Thursday, August 28, 2003 

John Browne (disgraced former Conservative MP, 1979-92)

The above is another candidate MEP that we are told Farage, through the abuse of his position as Chairman of UKIP's Euro-Elections Committee, tried to foist upon unwilling regions earlier this year. London reportedly by strong resistance from various Branch Chairmen successfully resisted and consequently we understand, Farage then tried to impose his will on the North West region. Could this have been one of the reasons for the resignation from the NEC of Lesley Brown, one of only two members of that body about whom this reporter has never heard a critical word?

We understand that Nigel Farage had in the past some form of business connections with Mr Browne. Farage's business arrangements following his departure from the two scandal-ridden organisations, Drexel Burnham Lambert and Credit Lyonnais are far from clear.

It seems to us important to establish that these recent attempts to foist such a candidate on different UKIP EP Regional Constituencies had absolutely no connection whatsoever with any personal friendship or past business associations. Particularly when such a person is someone who Britain in Europe described, as quoted in this post's title, 'the disgraced former Conservative MP',

We would appreciate it if any among our growing and increasingly communicative readership could e-mail us with any facts they might have on such matters, including but not limited to the reasons for John Browne's disgrace and the history and present staus of Farage's commodity brokerage business, which we have had trouble tracing through Companies House.

We will, of course, be conducting our own research and hopefully be thus able to shortly publish a report showing nothing suspicious whatsoever in the relationship or business affairs of these two men and that Farage's reported determination to have Browne as a UKIP MEP candidate was yet another example of his complete and utter political naivety.

posted by Martin |9:05 AM
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