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Saturday, August 30, 2003 

Internet Challenges

Over the past day or so some personal attacks have been made against this blog and its principal author Martin Cole. In the first half of July we were subject to similar (even more) offensive challenges by the same individual(s).

We strive to stick to the facts on this site, whenever possible avoiding personalisation. This blog seeks to objectively analyse the deep malaise at the heart of what is supposed to be the leading force in Britain's fight to recoup the sovereignty lost to the EU. Notwithstanding that aim, however, where this involves the senior leadership of the party some personalisation is regrettably sometimes inevitable.

The comments regarding Peter Troy solely relate to proven events surrounding his activities, as clearly and independently verified. We have nothing to either add to such remarks nor has any error of fact been pointed out for which we might feel the need to aplogise.

posted by Martin |9:52 PM
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