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Saturday, August 30, 2003 

Intelligence Infiltration

We came across this article by Michael Malkin which puts a different slant on the matter of possible infiltration of UKIP MI6 and UK Independence Party. It is worth reading in full although many might be wary of its origins having first appeared in Weekly Worker 386, it nevertheless puts forward a well argued case. These are some brief excerpts:-

Thus, in Tebbit’s scenario, the UKIP, despite its avowed anti-Europeanism and its determination to foster British withdrawal from the EU, is - consciously or unconsciously - being covertly manipulated into serving the interests of its political enemies. The putative objective of MI6’s involvement in the ‘conspiracy’ is to facilitate Britain’s early entry into European monetary union and thence into a European superstate............................

“Mr X” provided Tebbit with the names of two men whom he “believed” to have “links” with MI6. When Tebbit challenged one of them directly about the allegation, “Denial came there none - only an angry retort that I should be ashamed of myself for asking such a question.” Tebbit, by stating that the “agents” involved “claim to have retired years ago”, leads us to believe that the opposite may be true and that they are still “on the active list”. His talk of a conspiracy is purportedly “given a boost” by the fact that “during the 1997 election both individuals worked for Jimmy Goldsmith’s Referendum Party”, before moving into the UKIP.

After the 1997 election both men joined the UKIP: “One is still there. I understand the other resigned his post some three months ago, having lost the confidence of some of his colleagues.” Tebbit concedes that, “There is nothing illegal or improper in former intelligence officers joining political parties as staff members or to seek election. There are former agents in both houses of parliament.” But “to find two in such small organisations as the Referendum Party or UKIP is somewhat against the odds”. Hence, he calls for an official enquiry.

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