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Sunday, August 31, 2003 

In Defence of the Blog

In reaction to e-mailed criticisms on certain internet fora to which we do not belong and which were not e-mailed to 'ukipuncovered' (see previous post below), we received many supportive comments, most also forwarded to the group "new-ind-uk".

Two of these are reproduced below with their author's permission:

From Mr Christopher Cooke Independent Councillor Tamworth, (Past UKIP NEC Member, Past UKIP West Midlands Organiser and UKIP National Conference Organiser - Truth about Europe Campaign)

Dear all,

Personally I can't see anything not to trust about C. Speight's (see note below) & M. Cole's criticism of UKIP's NEC, some members and some past and present issues affecting the running of the party. In fact their contributions have been so open, forthright and detailed that, agree or not, it does deserve a certain respect.

Perhaps those within UKIP who try consistently to hide these issues (rather than address them) are the ones that should not be trusted one inch.

From Mr Edward Spalton (past Chairman UKIP Derby and South Derbyshire)

I agree with Chris on this. I (eventually) left UKIP about six months after he and Christina did and for the same reasons. I had hung on thinking "things can only get better". They did not. It is a great credit to the Northern rebels that they stood their ground and, in effect, won by exposing the great corruption at the centre of the party. By the time they did so, there was a rule book to appeal to, which was then totally ignored by the leadership which has come to be called "the Cabal".

I and others felt we could work to better effect disassociated from the corruption and thuggery of UKIP. This, and the previous "form" of UKIP's MEPs and leaders is so well known to the mdia as to ensure a well-deserved drubbing in the run up to the EP elections. That is a great pity for the vast majority of UKIP rank and file who are throughly decent people. Those who are not on the internet probably know very little of what has been done in their name. I know others who continue at local level and deliberately avert their gaze from what has happened and is happening because they are devoted to the cause and can see no other way. That is short-sighted because they will end up being tarred with the same brush and be discredited politically.

For three years now UKIP has been a dog in the manger, preventing any effective, politically respectable force for national independence from emerging. Either the behaviour of the cabal is so wilfully destructive because of ineptitude and malice or it is guided (as Norman Tebbit said), by forces not unconnected with the security services. It really does not matter which. Either way is a disaster.

I have never made these points in the press or media because I know that the vast majority of UKIP members are decent and well intentioned. I will work with anybody of that sort in our country's cause. But there does come a time when you have to say to those who are informed - how much longer are you prepared to support something which is so discredited and so easily (and
rightly) discreditable by factual reports?


Note: Christina Speight (Editor EU Facts, Figures and Phantasies) has also robustly defended this blog and supported our aims on many other fora. (Christina has been invited to make a guest posting on this blog, which we hope to publish shortly).

posted by Martin |6:07 PM
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