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Monday, August 25, 2003 

Implications of Dr North's Resignation

The following is an e-mail circulated by Michael Cassidy, Secretary of one of the two, still suspended, UKIP Regional Committees.

24 August 2003

Re: Richard North's defection to the Conservative Party

The news that North has defected to the Tories has come as no surprise to the Yorkshire Regional Committee. We had heard that he had been in contact with them back in March this year. North was specifically asked about this at the Hull hustings meeting when he denied it.

We have no knowledge of why Nigel Farage was intending to sack North, as North alleges.

This defection is further vindication of the Yorkshire Regional Committee's stance that North had ruled himself out as an EU candidate by his refusal to be interviewed. We always knew that he was not fit to be an MEP. This reinforces the need for regional committees. UKIP cannot simply hand over regional management to employees, which is what some are continuing to press for and what is now being forced on Yorkshire against the wishes of the local activists.

This defection further calls into question the judgement of those who purportedly suspended/disbanded the Yorkshire Regional Committee in order to guarantee North and his associates places on the candidates list, against the wishes of the democratically elected and accountable regional committee. The national interviews are clearly insufficient to assess the suitability of potential candidates.

UKIP has been plunged into a prolonged civil war in an attempt to further the political ambitions of someone with a flimsy commitment to the Party and the cause. The Tories will never take the UK out of the EU.

We also note the circular ostensibly put out by Peter Troy (a very close North associate) regarding free trade. Romano Prodi has already stated that any country which does not ratify the new constitution will have eemed to have left the EU and will be offered a free trade arrangement. This is not something which UKIP should be making a meal about. Nor should such subversive e-mails be circulated as being bona fide UKIP.

The political manoeuvring of North and his associates has consumed the NE and Yorkshire regions since as far back as 2000. There is now the opportunity for a fresh start, if only the leadership and the NEC have the gumption to seize it.

The NE and Yorkshire regional committees should be formally reinstated forthwith. (Our emphasis ed.)

Michael Cassidy
Yorkshire Regional Committee

posted by Martin |7:20 AM
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