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Sunday, August 17, 2003 

Handling adverse publicity or The UKIP Image

The following is part of a statement put out by the National Press Officer of the U.K. Independence Party, Mark Croucher on 13th August 2003.

****, perhaps we should follow your example and become good examples for UKIP by slandering party officials, the leadership, the NEC, the General Secretary and perhaps some of the membership too, suggest unproven impropriety in the preparation of the accounts and the conduct of internal elections, and all in a public forum for good measure? Perhaps we could suggest that paid party workers have been bribed and corrupted by the EU too? Would that help? Oh, lets not forget your ‘model’ north east committee, who smeared an innocent volunteer in the press to support their absurd assertions; perhaps we could do some of that as well, just to salvage our reputations?

Contrary to what readers might at first think, the above diatribe was not directed at UKIP Uncovered but rather at one of their own party stalwarts and hard-working volunteers; it having been posted on a yahoo discussion group, a transcript of which has now come our way, as these things do.

What an extraordinary statement for the Press Officer of a political party to make! We can be absolutely certain he intended it as an official party statement as it is signed as bold as brass with his name and title above the full party name.

I do not know what the reaction of the still suspended Chairman of the North East Regional Committee will be, when he returns from vacation tonight, to read the totally untrue and in my view libellous statement regarding an “innocent volunteer” being smeared, nor the Party Treasurer for that matter who found the man guilty as charged in a party organised independent inquiry. Is the UKIP Press Officer calling the Party Treasurer a LIAR?

A void in this blog, so far, has been a full account of the writer’s despicably handled disqualification from MEP candidature (others had greater and more urgent wrongs to be aired) . We will be correcting that omission with great relish, in the near future and none will be left in any doubt as to who were the guilty parties in the North East during the early part of this year. We have all the facts, and first-rate, first-hand records of who said what, to whom and when. There will be no supposition in this disgusting tale of deceit, dirty double-dealing and downright degradation.

The truth will be laid bare!

For UKIP whose very status as a euro-sceptic party has rightly been thrown into doubt, other even more serious matters will be raised when we examine in detail the events surrounding what took place in the Teignmouth Parliamentary Constituency at the last General Election. If they are to mount any kind of defence against that disgraceful incident, they might first perhaps consider the employment of a Press Officer who, if he has not yet managed to pick up the meaning of ‘sang froid’ on one of his frequent Brussels visits, at least has learnt that straying too far from well known facts has potential pitfalls.

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