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Friday, August 22, 2003 

Further exchanges regarding Teignbridge

Following our post of this morning on the above topic, this message was posted on by Christina Speight Editor of EU Facts, Figures and Phantasies

Note that Lord Exmouth WANTED not to oppose staunch eurosceptic Patrick Nicholls but UKIP HQ has no principles and decided to wreck a eurosceptic's chance of election. Britain lost!

To which, the following reply was posted by another regular UKIP Uncovered correspondent, Barbara Booker

Subject: [eurofaq] Re: Lack of principle ?

Well, here's a funny thing! The Times, 2/3/01, quoted from a confidential report to the UKIP executive by Nigel Farage, detailing
his discussions with Lord Pearson of Rannoch over the possibility of UKIP candidates standing down in favour of eurosceptic
Conservatives (for up to £2 million). It is claimed that Nigel Farage said to Lord Pearson:

"Ours is an entirely democratic party. I cannot order the constituency parties to stand or not to stand"

Who was lying? Nigel Farage to Lord Pearson, the UKIP leadership to Lord Exmouth, or Lord Exmouth to UKIP Uncovered?

All good questions to be added to the growing mountain of similar ones the UKIP leadership continues to ignore!

posted by Martin |5:32 PM
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