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Thursday, August 14, 2003 

Easy as ABC

There have been some lively exchanges on e-mail discussion fora recently, a particularly interesting debate has been over the potentially corrupting nature of EU money, and the desirability or otherwise of a party such as UKIP, formed to accomplish Britain's withdrawal, being so dependent upon EU cash. While the two sides cannot be said to have achieved a meeting of the minds, the exchange quoted below at least quantifies the extent of the problem.

Ukip Member
Hang on . . . I have a copy of a list that showed UKIP's total wage bill three years ago as £254,000, and they now employ more staff not less. How come they're not in the 'total income or gross expenditure above £250,000' bracket that requires them to submit an audited statement of accounts to the Electoral Commission?

Party General Secretary
UKIP has TWO permanent staff, myself and one administrator in Head Office. We are included in the UKIP accounts.

All the EDD/EP staff and MEPs' staff are NOT UKIP employees. They are NOT included in the accounts.

It really is very simple.

posted by Martin |7:46 AM
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