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Friday, August 29, 2003 

Disgraced MP John Browne (continued)

An almost sympathetic account of the fall from grace of the above associate of Nigel Farage can be read by going to this link titled Mark Hollingsworth who was the journalist who exposed Browne's business dealings that the House of Commons found as not having been properly registered. A reasonably full description of the events leading to Browne's deselection can be found there. We hope to obtain a better account of the actual business dealings that caused this fall from grace, as the account from the source above implies they were of a minor nature which is contrary to other non-corroborated reports we have received which would seem to better gel with the apparent abandonment of Browne by his Conservative colleagues.

John Ernest Douglas de la Valette Browne stood as an Independent candidate in the 1994 European Parliamentary elections for the Wight and Hampshire Constituency losing to the Tory but gaining 6.69 per cent of the vote. Browne subsequently stood in the 2001 General Election for UKIP in the Falmouth and Camborne constituency doing far less well.

Our first posting on Nigel Farage, on 18th April Who are these Leaders of UKIP?, quoted his biography as stating that he had been employed by Refco Overseas Ltd since 1994.

Nigel Farage was shown, after that date, as the Director of a British Registered Company "Farage Futures Ltd" 8 Manor road, Chatham, Kent. Interestingly in the context of the strange inter-relationships at work within UKIP this has been the home address of Craig Mackinlay, one-time UKIP Deputy Leader who Farage backed in the Leadership campaign against Michael Holmes. The Company Secretary of Farage Futures Limited from June 1996 was a Barbara Stevens following the resignation of Grainne Clare Farage.

It appears FFL was taken over by Refco Overseas Ltd London and that it is in that acquisition the business affairs of John Browne and Nigel Farage appear to have had some confluence, though whether or not that was the first such association we cannot yet be sure.

Initial inquiries seem to indicate that Farage's championing of Browne for a UKIP MEP candidature whether in London, the North West, or indeed it would appear anywhere else, were far from being a dispassionate act of political incompetence, but yet another, possibly even the most extreme, example of sheer and outrageously blatant cronyism.

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