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Saturday, August 23, 2003 

Cole’s Disqualification (continued)

In the course of my attempts to alert what I imagined was an honourably intentioned UKIP National Executive Committee to the major malpractices which it was clear were being undertaken by MEP candidate Peter Troy in the North East region this e-mail exchange occurred between Party Chairman David Lott, Party Vice-Chairman Mike Nattrass and myself :-

The last was received from Chairman Lott on 28th March 2003 and was later to be quoted as the first official warning as to my possible disqualification in spite of appearing as no more than a mild rebuke delivered to both Nattrass and myself:-

Can we please put a stop to these widely circulated emails. I do not think that you will resolve these issues on the internet maybe a phone call and a chat would be a good idea. I must remind you Martin that round robin emails that criticise fellow candidates are strictly forbidden. It is time to leave it to the voters.

The following was the exchange to which this e-mail referred:-

Dear Mr Nattrass,

Reference your e-mail below

You say "I note your comments but the fact is that all the NEC require is fair play. Allowing a candidate to take part once approved is fair play."

As I explained to David Lott earlier today, I was an approved candidate who had made my application before the original 31st October 2002 deadline (not the extended end-November one that apparently applies elsewhere).

My first choice area was South West England, second choice North East England, that I changed at the Party's request in the absence of other candidates for the North East.

On 29th January 2003, I was told by the Party Chairman that I could not then be considered for the South West region, although the hustings meetings had not then begun.

On 24th March 2003 I learnt two candidates who made the North East their second choice, but did not attend the Hustings, will now be considered for the postal ballot.

I also now learn that you were also an approved candidate for the North East, a fact not previously revealed. Were you and the others approved candidates on 21st November 2002, at the time of my meeting with Michael Harvey and Damian Hockney? If so were they aware of this fact?

Do you consider the above "Fair Play"?

*****************Section discussing bankruptcy implications deleted************

You ask:-
Why anyone would think that he (Peter Troy ed.) had any special link to the secretary or those responsible for selection I do not know, as they are there to see fair play and have no vote.

What other rational explanation can there be for not only recent events regarding the suspension of the North East Regional Committee, an earlier such suspension involving Troy (later withdrawn) and the attempt by the two Party Secretaries to slur all five candidates with the possibility of their having been bankrupt.

***************Further bankruptcy point deleted***************************

How would you have liked to be accused at a public meeting of having been bankrupt? What would you have felt if an attempt was made to prevent you defending yourself from such a charge, by spurious rule manipulation which supposedly exist to aid the party members to select the best qualified candidate?

Indeed at this point I must ask what has any of this got to do with an honest effort to find the best candidates to procure Britain's withdrawal from the EU?

Towards the end of your e-mail you make the following points about the new members:-

"Troy you say is joining new members. That is what we should all be doing. He has also started new branches. If what you say is correct these members will see what a shady character he is and vote elsewhere."

One such new member is apparently Trevor Agnew (as advised by Derek Clark). Agnew had previously been known as a BNP member and asked to leave the party by Mr Brown and Mr Rouse. It is inconceivable to me that his re-recruitment was unknown to Peter Troy and in my opinion is not unconnected to the expected postal ballot.

Why has a list of the recent 16 per cent surge in Members in Troy's area not been notified to the Regional Committee with full details of the new members names. This event occurred before the suspension, and had proper procedures been followed the adverse press coverage regarding BNP could have been avoided.

I am afraid your reply to my original e-mail makes me even more concerned for the welfare of the party than I had earlier been. Signed Martin Cole

posted by Martin |9:47 AM
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