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Wednesday, July 16, 2003 

What Legitamacy for UKIP's Candidate MEP's

When the party finally authorised its Treasurer to undertake an inquiry into the false membership applications and subsription payments orchestrated by Peter Troy in the North East, one area not covered, as mentioned in our post North East Region MEP Candidate Selection Fiasco towards the end of May, was as stated as follows:-

"It remains unclear how the electoral irregularities uncovered could have been used to boost the vote of any of the NE candidates without the assistance of somebody else within the party. This aspect was apparently not considered worthy of investigation, according to a report from one close to the inquiries".

A further aspect of that same question would obviously be, if somebody in Head Office were to get the extra ballot papers, which presumably should have gone to the new unwitting members, how could they find their way into the necessary ballot box without suspicion subsequently falling on any such Head Office staff member or whichever culprit might possibly be involved.

The answer to that conundrum now seems to be coming to light. The ballot papers for MEP candidates were returned not to Head Office, but to a City of London Accomodation Address company specialising in providing the kind of services often associated with those seeking a veil over their true identities or activities. The services offered by the firm selected by UKIP to handle its sensitive ballot papers, apparently on the grounds it lacked the resources to handle the volume of mail, can be visited by this link to their website Citibox

Given the serious doubts raised here and elsewhere regarding the activities and decisions taken by the ballot returning officer Michael Harvey, huge questions hang over the way in which this whole electoral process was run. This cannot help but raise doubts as to the legitimacy of the success of all UKIP lead candidates in every region.

To make consideration of these matters easier, we will during the course of today, include a separate box for the posts on this blog relating to UKIP's General Party Secretary and Returning Officer in the recent MEP candidate elections, Michael Harvey.

posted by Martin |8:18 AM
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