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Tuesday, July 29, 2003 

UKIP Salary Expenses and the way ahead

Those perhaps perusing the UKIP accounts for last year, following our previous post, might be interested in this further information on the paid party employees and the resulting estimated payroll costs. As of the year 2000 paid employees were as follows:-

1. Nicole Sinclaire by NEC HQ Office
2. Tony Bennett by J Titford JT office
3. Roni Turner by J Titford Secry JT/TB
4. G Franklyn-Ryan by N Farage press officer for NF
5. Stan Oram by N Farage NF office
6. Richard North by EDD * Reports. advisory research Brussels
7. Heather Conyngham by:EDD * Secretary UKIP work in EDD
8. Chris Jones by EDD * UKIP Press relations
9. Peter Troy by EDD * Regional organiser
10.James Carver by EDD * part time regional organiser

We are pretty reliably informed that the total salary cost for these ten individuals was Pounds 239,000.

The list of names presently receiving party salaries has now grown to seventeen as follows:-

1. Steve Harris regional organiser SE
2. David Samuel-Camps political assistant to NF
3. Jill Clark personal assistant to NF
4. Malcolm wood regional organiser SW
5. John Kelly political assistant to GB
6. Tom Wise regional organiser Eastern
7. Stuart Gulleford political assistant to JT
8. Jim Carver regional organiser Wales
9. L.L. Antoine Head Office (3 Other 'regular' head office staff listed in Scarborough Conference Programme).***
10. Gerry Kelley regional organiser NW
11. Paul Gilbert regional organiser WM
12. Heather Bennett regional organiser London
13. Richard North EDD research director
14. Ditte Staun EDD assistant, Brussels
15. Mark Croucher EDD press officer
16. Dick Morris political consultant
17. Michael Harvey UKIP general secretary

*** (Item 9 was edited 2nd August 2003, previously read Peter Troy NE Regional Organiser who is not an employee)

There may well be some others.

Assuming zero increases for inflation for the past three years and that the seven newcomers receive the average remuneration of the original ten (highly unlikely, in our view, with the presence of Michael Harvey and Dick Morris) then the annual payroll costs would now be running at pounds 406,300

Considering those figures are salary rather than payroll costs the decision to take on Dick Morris looks even more unfundable, especially as Head Office Party Income for the last year is shown as only pounds 193,731 on a twelve months basis, a period during which it would appear from a search on the Electoral Commissions Party Donations database seems to show UKIP as receiving zero donations above the declarable two hundred pound limit.

Wage and salary costs for last year are shown in the published accounts as pounds 40,409 highlighting as well as anything could how much all the MEPs and employees of UKIP are almost absolutely dependent on payments from the EU, from which they are supposed to be working to withdraw.

If any of these names are incorrect, please let us know and we will make the necessary changes. If there are other accounting units within UKIP whose accounts are published by the Electoral Commission we would be grateful for the references so that extra and more exact data can be provided. Any other corrections or details are also welcome.

The EU, it seems sometimes almost without exception, is shown to corrupt everyone and everything with which it comes into contact, proof enough if any more were needed is the present skullduggery continuing at the top of the party next to be probably witnessed with the contrived removal from the NEC of Judith Longman on 1st August. Only the ordinary membership can now stop this happening by making their voices heard.

The people now running the party must be brought to realise that it is their present attitude and actions that are most likely to separate them from their positions of power and the attendant perks. Reform of UKIP today might leave some hope for June 2004.

Continuing down the present path can only bring EP electoral defeat and further damage to the anti-EU cause.

posted by Martin |3:27 PM
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