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Monday, July 07, 2003 

UKIP Guildford Election Launch

Billed as a potential big deal by the UKIP powers that be, featuring Sir Patrick Moore, Fishermen's hero Mick Mahon, London Mayorial candidate Frank Maloney and not quite finally by unelected Party Leader Roger Knapman deliberately programmed to be upstaged by the 'real' UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and of course not forgetting the new star of UKIP's firmament, Dick Morris.

The publicity gained in today's UK morning press apparently ZERO.

A search undertaken on Google UK News search engine comes up with the key words "UK Independence Guildford" this total irrelevance, a report of a question in parliament by a Guildford MP which apparently combined with a mention of the UK and Independence.

Deleting Guildford from the search line and substituting with the word 'Party' a fresh article is for once revealed amongst the stale coverage of UKIP's mayorial candidate. Redwood in anti-EU Rally. The article states:-

The MP will share a platform with hardliners from the UK Independence Party in September.

The rally referred to is, we believe, to be held in Bath, and the UKIP "Hardliners?"... we hear Damian Hockney is certainly one.

posted by Martin |8:34 AM
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