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Tuesday, July 08, 2003 

Titford on Dick Morris

Read Jeffrey Titford's woefully ill-informed views on Dick Morris, from his June newsletter.

In the section headed "CLINTON’S MAN JOINS THE TEAM" come the following gems:-

"I have been impressed by his fresh perspective on our situation"

" .....he is coming on board for much lower fees than he could have commanded elsewhere"

"He will be a major asset."

"Just in case any of you are worrying about the Clinton connection......I think we can assume they are no longer buddies!"

Well that's alright then!!!!!............, before leaving Jeffrey's cheerful missive I just have to quote this statement from his report on the recent MEP candidate elections "The Party should also be congratulated for holding a genuinely democratic ballot, in contrast with most of our political opponents, who don’t bother ".

A genuinely democratic ballot which included, false membership applications, unwitting candidate recruitment, clear breaches of the party rules, exclusion of candidates, suspension of two regional committees, wrongful candidate disqualification and running of the ballot while an appeal was pending with the candidate excluded, press reports of far right infiltration. barracking of candidates at hustings by party officials, NEC resignations, deliberate disregard of disciplinary complaints, padding of disciplinary panels with placemen and paid officials, refusal to disclose disciplinary panel membership, five day recounts for ballots with small hundreds of votes etc.etc, need we go on all of this is detailed and described within this Blog.

It seems the only answer posed to the question in our title is that the present leadership of UKIP is determined on the electoral neutering of the anti-European movement within Great Britain, any other explanation simply does not appear to fit the growing body of facts.

Neither sheer incompetence (one of our earliest theories) nor complete naivety could explain the recruitment of Dick Morris. The claim of a reduced fee also beggars belief, this man does not run on small change. Do not forget it was only a few weeks ago the Party Chairman advised that following the disastrous mismanagement of the Welsh regional assembly? campaign, where the budget was reported as having been overspent by 300 per cent, there were insufficient funds to print leaflets arguing the case against VdGE's Constitution. Now we have apparently been able to hire the world's most expensive and degraded pollster.

posted by Martin |9:54 AM
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