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Wednesday, July 16, 2003 

Suspended NE Chairman Speaks OUT

We quote below a contribution by Michael Rollings to an internet e-mail discussion group new-ind-uk run by Andrew Edwards. This group is not restricted to UKIP members but is open to all who share the objective of regaining British sovereignty. Applications to join this growing and increasingly engaged forum, should be addressed to:

Michael Rollings is the suspended chairman of the UKIP North East Regional Committee and his comments make sombre reading for any UKIP members, and perhaps especially those of us who might have recently resigned! (I feel suitably admonished, Michael!)

Re: Millennium Blitzkrieg
M Rollings

Dear Andrew

I am in possession of the novel by Martin Cole, having acquired these by contributing to UKIP funds. I have read the book and recommend it (not for the puritan, but not as much titillation as obtained in many Daily newspapers these days!). However it is a necessary part of the plot and makes for an excellent holiday read and more seriously is a useful means to the end of alerting waverers to the suppression of freedoms and insidious creeping bureaucracy of the EU, with a number of "foresights" some of which has in fact happened since the novel was written.

On behalf of SENATE (Seminal Education North, Awareness of the EU), successor of UKIP in the North East, we are marketing it not for its cover price of 13.95 dollars, but only £5, including P&P. Persons purchasing can APPLY to be informed of SENATE events, the first of which is scheduled for August 22nd in Newcastle, when Timothy Kirkhope MEP, a member of the Giscard D'Estaing Committee on the Convention for Europe, will be addressing a Meeting to be held in Neville Hall, Newcastle. Judith Wallace has the details.

The UKIP Committee doesn't readily dissolve in weak water. Its Officers were elected by Members in the North East, and until they wish us to go, we stay. The Party is the property of its Members not others who have usurped the power for their own ends.

It may make an interesting chapter in Martin Cole's next book. Consider this....." The EU Parliament are offended by the British Cabinet, because they object to, lets say, the behaviour of a rogue President of the EU and also the criminal activities of some of the Commissioners. The EU response is not to sort out the malign elements but to "dissolve, without a hearing "the democratically elected British Government . They then invite the British people to elect another Government!?" Fat chance we would swallow that?

The treatment meted out in this little scenario parallels exactly the treatment meted out to the NE Committee. Conclusion : The behaviour of UKIP leadership parallels that of the EU. Get rid of problem people like Marthe Andreasson, Bernard Connolly and others. Leave the problems in place and re-appoint those responsible for the debacles. Anyone who thinks there is a skin deep malaise within UKIP which can be sorted out by cosily chatting around a table is in cuckoo land. Look at the history of UKIP, it veers from one management crisis to another to the extent that the clique within the NEC is fighting or threatening its own NEC Members.

The waves of rebellion are lapping at Mr Lott's and Mr Farage's feet, and their willing acolytes, who refuse to recognise that the problem isn't with the Party (we're all volunteers for goodness sake!) but with themselves. The quicker the Party Members recognise these control freaks for what they are, the better chance the Party may give itself in the EU Elections.

The problems within UKIP all have one root. The list of those who have resigned--- (a mistake in my estimation as you play into the hands of those who presume to control, and weaken opposition to their grip on power)-- is long and distinguished to the extent that "not the UKIP Party", like "not the Turner Prize" has more credibility.

The root is the mismanagement of Party Members and some of the Staff or inadequate selection processes. It begs the question as to whether this is done deliberately to contain the opposition to the EU. One has just to look at the Party's overall record in holding on to Members let alone recruiting. It has almost as many who have left the Party as it enjoys current Membership. Sir James Goldsmith could attract more people to a Rally than UKIP has Members. He knew how to inspire and lead, it is all the more sad he is not around to still give Leadership to this noblest of causes. UKIP prefers the style of being run by a central bureaucracy that claims all power and decision making to itself. If challenged the CABAL threaten or bully. Where have we heard that before?

Great orators should inspire and let others who can manage, manage. Hitler lost the war by taking power away from his Generals and failing to trust them .

The Party's strength will be in its growing Membership and ability to influence the debate. It has been going nearly 10 years, I believe, and its profile is no more than the Green Party and less active than Greenpeace.

It needs strong inspired Leadership. Ask where all those that were the Referendum Party have gone. The issue hasn't gone away but many of them have.

To quote your own tag line

The world is a dangerous place to live
Not because of the people who are evil
But because of those who don't do
anything about it.

Here, here. So when are those who know the evil ones going to pluck up courage to do something about them. But be prepared to be threatened, bullied or discriminated against. That is how the current Leadership of UKIP does things.

Michael Rollings

posted by Martin |11:23 AM
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