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Monday, July 14, 2003 

Paying for Dick Morris

The UKIP Party Chairman David Lott has now entered the debate regarding how the party is paying for Dick Morris. Contrary to the statement made by the Party's official press spokesman and reported here it would seem the costs of Morris are not in fact coming from Party Funds but from donors. We quote the remarks reportedly made by Chairman Lott as disclosed on one of the internet fora to which he refers:-

Dear All,

David Lott has asked me to forward the following statement which you may find useful in answering members' queries about Dick Morris.


Scurrilous e-mails about fees paid by UKIP to our new Political Advisor, Dick Morris, have been appearing on anti-UKIP websites and e-mail chat circuits. Sadly, two UKIP members have assisted in propagating these false rumours.

If you receive any queries from members about this matter you can reassure them that the figures mentioned are pure fiction. Furthermore, funding for Dick Morris's monthly expenses is coming direct from generous donors, not from members' subscriptions nor from the EDD/European Parliament.
Now no doubt we'll have the usual suspects casting doubt on the veracity of that statement above.

UKIP uncovered is no doubt considered one of the "usual suspects" by Chairman Lott, but we will not presume to argue over his statement as it can be easily verified. Donations over two hundred pounds to a political party during a year have to be declared to the Electoral Commission for the information of the public. Even at the reduced fees cited by the Chairman it would take an awful lot of small donors to meet the costs of Mr Morris for two days a week for a year and while one or two foolhardy individuals might be found who are sufficiently ill-informed to part with their cash for the employment of such a man, it seems unlikely there would be many.

It is of course highly possible that David Lott has been learning the weasle language perfected by Morris' erstwhile boss Bill Clinton (who in my mind will always be remembered for the classic "It all depends what your definition of 'is' is"). If so he might be implying that Morris' monthly expenses do not include his fees, perhaps he would like to break cover once again and clarify that point! Perhaps he would like to get his press officer to rescind his previous announcement at the same time.

As can be seen from this link to the page regarding regulation of donors on the Electoral Commission web site, it is the responsibility of the party to supply donor details. We suggest party members contact the Party Treasurer for the necessary details.

posted by Martin |10:13 AM
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