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Thursday, July 31, 2003 

Party Employees, EU Dependency and Membership Numbers

It has been pointed out that our list of UKIP employees UKIP Salary Expenses and the way ahead included Peter Troy as Regional Organiser for the North East. The party deny that he is a paid employee so we will remove him from the list. Notwithstanding such removal we believe that if any of the financial arrangements for the North East as explained by Chairman David Lott at the Regional Committee meeting in Neville Hall Newcastle on 28th January of this year continue in force, then the party nevertheless remains with financial commitments in that area while being correctly able to claim having no employees. (Enjoyment of such word games possibly going some way to explaining their attraction towards Dick Morris)

We have also been given the names of four other head office employees and are trying to establish which are full or part time and will issue a corrected list as soon as possible.

As has been pointed out to us another important factor in comparing past and present obligations is the fact that we now have three rather than two MEPs. Unless the tele-marketing campaign has staunched the membership number decline so that lists are once again growing and necessarily very rapidly, this makes UKIP even more dependent upon the EU in proportional terms.

Will the tele-marketing campaign be able to compensate for the substantial membership losses that are likely to take place if tomorrow's Disciplinary Complaint against Judith Longman is manipulated in the same manner as in other recent such cases? How many of the 1537 members who voted for Judith in the NEC elections will remain beyond tomorrow, indeed how many have already left?

The haemorrhage of members cannot indefinitely be matched by depending on ever growing numbers of innocents coming to the slaughter. When the wider public learns the true nature of the personalities now controlling and advising UKIP, subscription renewals will surely almost completely dry up. Not forgetting, of course, the impact of the Five Year subscription renewal programme which, if it was as successful as reports suggest, can only hugely impact subsription receipts in the near future.

We will update the party employee list as soon as possible, and thank those who have offered their help and suggestions.

posted by Martin |7:27 AM
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