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Thursday, July 31, 2003 

One Year On

One year ago today I became a member of UKIP. Much has happened in the intervening twelve months. Because of UKIP I was able to become acquainted with some of the most sincere and genuinely committed individuals it has yet been my privilege to know.

On the other hand I have come across dealings, which even after a long career dealing with peoples of many nations and travelling far and wide, I could hardly have imagined taking place in the shadiest of Kasbahs or the farthest reach from so-called civilisation. Subterfuge and deceipt undertaken for gain is an everyday occurrence that can be planned for and countered, the same qualities when brought in to play for no possible benefit but almost certain loss for all involved, can only be caused by the grossest of stupidity or deepest of treachery.

What motivates the leadership of the UK Independence Party? Well with a year under my belt I confess to still being unsure. Perhaps tomorrow, when Judith Longman is still expected to attend a Disciplinary Hearing to defend herself against a ludicrous charge of Ballot Rigging, will prove a defining moment, or at least a step towards our learning the real truth.

In any event Maggie and I send Judith, our best wishes in facing the farce being perpetrated against her tomorrow. Also on this peculiar anniversary our compliments to all those UKIP and ex-UKIP stalwarts still taking the fight to the enemy in whatever guise its servants may choose to appear.

posted by Martin |11:13 AM
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