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Wednesday, July 30, 2003 

NEC Member Disciplinary Hearing

We are informed that the NEC meeting held last week came to an agreement over the situation regarding the suspended Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Committee which would have ended the Disciplinary Proceedings against that Committee's elected officers and abandonment of the previously threatened legal proceedings.

NEC member Nigel Farage is reported to have not been in attendance for these NEC discussions. The next day the party is understood to have reneged on the agreement reached and the disciplinary action is apparently scheduled to proceed with a hearing on the 1st August.

It has appeared increasingly obvious over the past few months that the NEC is incapable of maintaining proper control over how UKIP is run. If the widely circulated rumours set out above have any element of truth, then it seems quite clear the party is under the sole control of Nigel Farage. Other rumours given wide circulation on internet discussion fora have added further credence to such ideas and the lack of evidence of any role being played by titular party leader Roger Knapman in the recent disputes seems further evidence that this might be the case.

None of these events are without precedent within UKIP as this 1999 article UKIP in turmoil as leader is ousted from The Guardian makes clear.

How long will it be now be before similar headlines appear in the Euro-federalist press, once more rejoicing in the plight of the euro-sceptic's supposed leading organisation?

The silence from the NEC is now becoming deafening!

posted by Martin |7:10 AM
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