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Thursday, July 17, 2003 

More of Harvey

Michael Harvey has responded as follows:-

For the record, I disqualified Mr Cole from the election on 9th April. He is now claiming that he resigned via the pages of a regional newspaper on 7th April. If that were true his formal appeal against disqualification, sent to the Party Secretary by Special Delivery from Switzerland exactly one month later, would seem rather a pointless effort.

If Harvey cannot see the difference between resigning with honour when one finds that one has inadvertently entered a den of thieves, and accepting the implication of fault accruing to a disqualification are quite different matters than he is an even more egotistical and blinkered than even he, up to now has appeared.

The disqualification appeal was a farce which remains to be resolved. The appointment of a paid party official who had already been on public record on the subject in hand was a disgrace. The continuing refusal to provide the names of the other members of the panel is a continuing stain on the reputation of all party members, who seem largely apathetic in the face of this growing scandal.

Fighting to maintain a stainless reputation that has been built over forty years of increasingly high level business appointments on both sides of the Atlantic is not a matter of 'Sour Grapes'. If Michael Harvey cannot understand such a simple point, many of his own actions suddenly become explicable.

Harvey has also posted a pathetic attempt to justify the use of an accomodation address for receipt of the postal ballots, and claims an independent witness accompanyed him to collect the envelopes. A full list of questions for this incompetent Returning Officer is under preparation and circulation among members for eventual submission in a non-time-wasting manner.

posted by Martin |10:12 AM
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