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Wednesday, July 30, 2003 

Judith Longman Disciplinary Complaint for 1st August 2003

The UKIP NEC Election Results showed that Judith Longman polled 1537 votes and thus won a three year term of office in this years party election.

This was a spectacular result putting her in fifth place in the poll right behind the two high profile MEP candidates, and the present and immediately past chairmen.

The following is a part of an appeal from a party member sent last week to two senior party members and still apparently being ignored:-

The charge - rigging of the recent postal ballot in Yorkshire. To quote an infamous American tennis player, " You cannot be serious"! Mrs Longman is one of the most honest people it's ever been my good fortune to know! Her strong spiritual and moral standards/beliefs simply would not allow her to rig anything! The very idea is preposterous, and you must both know it in your heart of hearts!

Earlier postings on this blog vividly highlight the arbitrary and improper manner in which the disciplinary system is being used to run roughshod over the party's constitution and rules.

Since June of 1999 the National Executive Committee of UKIP has consistently shown itself unwilling to rein in the excesses of one of its members. A report written by an NEC member as long ago as May 2000, which has come our way and appears genuine, although we are cross-checking various facts and references, itemises from a) to k) the problems caused the party over just one of several incidents occurring at that time.

Next year the voters in the South East of England will have their chance to express their views on the extraordinary antics, over the past few years, of one of their MEPs, well publicised as they all are and instantly available on the internet, we can be sure UKIP's opponents will be ensuring they are all fully aired before the SE constituents.

If the NEC continue to shirk their clear responsibilities for the welfare of the party and the euro-sceptic cause, by allowing the disciplinary complaint against Judith Longman to proceed, they will, most assuredly, be condemning the whole of UKIP to the same electoral oblivion, which can be all that realistically the future now holds in store for Nigel Farage.

After all, it seems practically certain the NEC knows more about the real truth of what has been going on than even we now do. They should, therefore, have no alternative but to act. But still there is no statement from the Party Leader, nothing from the Press Officer, no answers or persuasive arguments as to the logic or justification for their actions put out across the various internet fora, or other communication means within the Party's control. Why not?

posted by Martin |4:29 PM
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