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Friday, July 18, 2003 

From North England

What has been happening to UKIP in the areas of North England whose Regional Committees were so unjustly and arbitrarily suspended?

We hear that an attempt to resolve the dispute about the disbandment of the regional committees was initially agreed by the UKIP leadership, then reneged on.

The Yorkshire regional committee and the candidates agreed for the matter to go to arbitration (We do not have the exact wording of a letter read out to the NEC, but the contents are available). Nigel Farage said that he would not stand in the way of this, and said he was pleased that a deal had been brokered.

In the event, Michael Harvey the General Party Secretary produced disciplinary complaints against Judith Longman the Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Chairman and that Committee's secretary Michael Cassidy. In the latter's words the leadership reneged on their previous undertaking. This ongoing and damaging dispute continues, with the charade of further Disciplinary hearings under the 'Rule Ignoring' Chairmanship of Derek Clark (see side panel) and his paid henchman.

A Yorkshire committee spokesman said yesterday "It is important that people understand that it is the leadership who are
perpetuating this dispute and not us".

To highlight the absurdity of the present situation yesterday evening there was a public meeting in Harrogate attended by Roger Knapman and David Lott. There has been virtually no publicity for this, not even amongst UKIP members. Also there is a similar public meeting this evening in the North East in Hartlepool the publicity and arrangements for which have been undertaken by the disgraced Peter Troy with efforts seeming to have been made to keep knowledge of the event secret from the long term activists still working hard to oppose regionalisation across the length and breadth of the North East.

The Yorkshire regional committee has received letters of support from branches covering all but 3 of the region's 56 constituencies. The 3 which did not put in letters of support were all neighbouring constituencies in North Yorkshire. The middle constituency was Harrogate.

Rather than the Yorkshire dispute having been settled, we now have the spectacle of the Party Leader and Party Chairman sneaking about Yorkshire and the North East, trying to avoid the activists, and trying to grub up anti-regional committee support.

Meantime as Yorkshire member points out "We now have lying, spiteful, mickey-mouse disciplinary complaints being processed" against those who remain as the popularly acknowledged, (properly elected but improperly suspended) continuing widely supported Yorkshire Regional UKIP leadership.

Is this any way to win the elections in 2004?

posted by Martin |5:21 AM
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