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Sunday, July 06, 2003 

The Disciplinary Panel in Full?

There is something about the British that makes them believe in, and think they have a right to receive, ‘Fair Play’

Perhaps this is one of the reasons so many in our nation are so vehemently opposed to the European Union as it is presently constituted.

This sense of ‘ fair play’ is probably particularly strongly felt amongst those of us who joined UKIP. Our outrage against the erosion of our centuries old rights and freedoms is what compels many of us to devote much time and effort to working towards British withdrawal from the non-democratic conglomerstate now almost completely formed and matured.

I believe it is thanks to these beliefs amongst so many UKIP members that we have so quickly been able to piece together the facts behind recent actions of the Party’s disciplinary panel.

As we suspected the question of ‘fair play’ does not arise.

Normally we would seek several independent verifications before naming individuals on the blog. We are almost positive that the names and positions of those that follow are correct, but if anybody is incorrectly included or listed, please let us know and we will issue a correction and apology if necessary.

Remaining UKIP Disciplinary Members from Scarborough Appointees after three reported resignations:-

Denis Brookes Acting Chairman, NE Committee Suspensions
Derek Clark Chairman, Party Secretary, Named in complaint 8/5/03
Jill Clark P/A to Nigel Farage Listed on staff of UKIP SE Office
Jack Crosbee
John Harvey Editor Independence News Listed within UKIP SE Office
David Johnson Appears to be a Roger Knapman gofer in the SW
Gerry Kelly Regional Organiser, attends European Election Committee
Andrew Moffat Youth National Front member ( as listed Britain in Europe web site)
Chris Pratt Named in Documents attached to Complaint 8/05/03
Malcolm Wood Regional Organiser, attends European Election Committee

How could six, let alone seven, impartial panel members be drawn from the above list which was supposedly considering improper actions by the European Elections Committee (chaired by Nigel Farage and attended by the Regional Organisers) and other party officers.

The known Disciplinary Members who formed the panel that sat in judgement on the (already Farage suspended) volunteer Members of the NE Regional Committee were:-

Derek Clarke Chairman , in our opinion a party to the events
Denis Brookes see above
Jill Clark How can the Personal Assistant to the CAUSE of the problem be impartial?
D Johnson See above
A Moffatt See above

The above members handed down an 18 month suspension of office on the basis of complaints made by Peter Troy who had already been forced to stand down from his candidature following an inquiry carried out by the Party Treasurer, only some of which conclusions have so far appeared in the press!

Only in the last half an hour have we learnt that the panel above were provided a complete copy of Mr de Roeck's enquiry findings!

Not a lot is known about M. Cole’s Disqualification Appeal panel and further information would be welcomed.

Malcolm Wood Acting Chairman, see also Above
Three or four others from the existing members listed above who rejected the clear facts that the disqualification was neither necessary nor justified.
Two or Three others who possibly resigned for this or other reasons their names remain presently unknown.

We will, of course, return to all the disturbing questions raised by the existence of this non-representative group of placemen (and woman) at the very heart of the party.

Neither will the outrageous disregard of Tony Bennett’s disciplinary complaint, raised in our post earlier today, be left forgotten for yet more weeks as seems to have been the case since mid-March.

posted by Martin |9:21 PM
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