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Wednesday, July 30, 2003 

Disciplinary Hearings

The following is an extract from an exchange of views on an internet discussion group called eurorealist that took place Thursday 24th July, on the topic of last week's UKIP NEC meeting:-

The NEC further condemned the use of party employees, such as Nigel Farage's PA on the discipline panel. The consensus was that 'it made the party look like we were running a kangaroo court'

Words that could have come straight from the pages of this blog and which we heartily applaud. But what is the NEC doing to back-up such simple statements? Once more it appears the answer is nothing.

One Disciplinary Panel on which we know Jill Clark, the Personal Assistant to Nigel Farage definitely sat was that which prohibited from office for a period of eighteen months the already suspended committee officers of the North East Regional Committee. Others on that same panel were Denis Brookes and Derek Clark who should have already suspended himself under the party rules as then being subject to a separate ongoing disciplinary complaint, as can be re-read in our post of 10th July

Amazingly, in spite of this admission it would appear that no action can be expected from any party officials to redress the admitted mishandling of this case, so we must now address an appeal to Denis Brookes, on whom we have obtained the following details from the programme of the Scarborough party conference at which he spoke;-

Denis Brookesjoined UKIP (3) years ago and has established himself as a leading Party activist. Within two years, starting from nothing, he formed all the constituency associations in Shropshire and was chairman of two of them. In 1999 he was invited to join the West Midlands Regional Committee and has been an active member ever since. He stood as a parliamentary candidate for UKIP at the General Election and was instrumental in recruiting the other four candidates needed in Shropshire. He is also Press Officer for UKIP Shropshire and has had over 150 articles, letters and pictures published in the count's newspapers.

After receiving unstinting support from Shropshire activists, he was elected with a large majority to serve as a councillor on Market Drayton Town Council in June (last) year
...the resume continues to describe his council duties.

This hardly seems the description of a person who would enjoy having his activities descibed by his own Party's National Executive Committee as being a member, in another instance possibly even the Chairman, of a Kangaroo Court.

We would like to ask Mr Brookes for his comments regarding his feelings on these recent hearings and would particularly like to ask him directly what steps he is now planning to take to correct what has been established by the NEC as a clear miscarriage of justice. We would therefore be grateful if any reader who might have the e-mail contact details for UKIP's Shropshire Press Spokesman or other contact address to drop us an e-mail

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