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Sunday, July 06, 2003 

Disciplinary Complaints Ignored

Equally important as the question of the background and party positions of those comprising the disciplinary panels of UKIP is the question of whether complaints are handled properly and in accordance with the party constitution and rules.

As highlighted in yesterday's posting, disciplinary panel Chairman and Party Secretary Derek Clark, clearly feels the rules an inconvenience, if not an irrelevance. In refusing to designate an alternative chairman for the complaint of which he was one of the subjects, Clark was clearly in breach of Rule 2.2.

Now we have further evidence of even more extraordinary manipulation of the handling, in this case non-handling, of complaints.

On 14th March of this year Tony Bennett in an e-mail to a couple of dozen or so party members, advised that he had referred the matter of the Solicitor's letters sent to the NE and Yorkshire Committee members, to the disciplinary Chairman.

Mr Bennett stated in that e-mail that the decision to send those letters, paid for from UKIP member's subscriptions to the Party and not authorised by the NEC at the time, was outrageous.

Any having had any dealings with Mr Bennett must know that if a complaint was lodged by him, it would have been certain to have been done correctly in every detail. Yet Mr Bennett in the final paragraph of his e-mail states the following:-

I referred the matter of the Solicitors' letters of the 14th March to the Discipline Committee, using the correct procedure. However, Derek Clark, Secretary to the Party, *failed* to follow the laid down disciplinary procedure in the Party Constitution by failing to even tell the Discipline Committee that a complaint had been made.

What is the point of a Disciplinary Procedure if Derek Clark becomes the sole arbiter of what is or is not to go forward for consideration? What validity do the verdicts reached on all the other complaints against volunteer party members now have; particularly those lodged after 14th March, 2003 which should not yet even have been heard!

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