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Friday, July 11, 2003 

The Dick Morris Fee

A communication to an e-mail discussion group has overnight answered the question regarding what Dick Morris is being paid by UKIP:-

"Dear all,

I'm surprised that there should be any mystery about Dick Morris's fee as I have established this from three separate sources within the Party. He is on a retainer whereby he works *2 days a week* for the Party for a fee of £40,000 a year. His contract is for one year.

It works out at a fee of over £400 a day i.e. equivalent to an annual salary of £100,000.

The money comes from a combination of Party members' subscriptions and EDD/European Parliament funds."

Thank heavens UKIP's leaders were able to negotiate a reduction from Morris's normal stipend.

Now we know the answer to the question "How Much?" we are still left to wonder "Why?" and also "What is his exact role?"

Is it true that he is now the Party's Official Spokesman as seems to be the perception among some, and how long can that continue, given his obvious ignorance of British politics as displayed on BBC2 last evening?

The BBC does nothing that is not in the interests of pursuing its own wildly EU federalist agenda. The extent of the coverage it is now providing Dick Morris can only be as it agrees with our own assessment, namely that this association will eventually prove extremely costly to the Euro-realist cause.

As the writer quoted above, who uncovered the facts behind Morris's fees, went on to tellingly point out How can an American even be allowed to give the appearance of acting as Official Spokesman for Britain's UK Independence Party?

We predicted that Morris's appointment would result in the party's reputation being stained and severely damaged. now it would appear we are also to become a laughing stock too, as Morris's ignorance of our country is regularly paraded before the captive, license-bound audience of the BBC.

posted by Martin |8:35 AM
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