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Thursday, July 10, 2003 

Derek Clark Breaks yet more Rules

Article 1.5 of the UK Independence Party Rule Book on 'Discipline' clearly states the following:-

"If a member of the Discipline Panel is the subject of a complaint, that member shall be suspended from the panel during the investigation into the complaint."

On 8th May, 2003 a long, detailed and extensively backed up complaint was lodged against Derek Clark (among nearly all others involved in the day to day running of the party) The complaint surrounded events that had taken place in the North East and Yorkshire and Humberside regions. Derek Clark's action of handing the Chairmanship of that panel to Denis Brookes is proof positive of his acknowledgement that he was involved.

At that moment he should have suspended himself from the Discipline Panel (The Panel as is clear from the entire Article 1 is all the members, not just those considering an individual complaint).

Rather than following this proper and legal course Derek Clark chose to continue as Chairman of the panels in considering and upholding the complaint brought by disgraced party placeman and voting and membership manipulator Peter Troy (who maintains his party post in the North East and is now an approved MEP candidate for Scotland, watch for a membership surge among the sheep herds of the Highlands!). Party Secretary Clark is ALSO reported to have BEEN handling the disciplinary complaint against the very popular Yorkshire and Humberside Chairwoman and NEC member Judith Longman?

The response to the 8th May complaint, according to my sources was not delivered until the very early days of July. Derek Clark was therefore suspended from the Disciplinary Panel under Party Rules Article 1.5 of the Discipline Procedure from 8th May 2003 until early July 2003, any decisions made by any panels on which he sat during that period, are therefore clearly invalid.

The North East Regional Committee should, AS A MATTER OF PRIORITY, immediately have their suspensions from holding office lifted and ideally their Regional Committee re-instated.

Those still within the Party have the obligation to ensure that this is now speedily accomplished. (If you do not object to a well intentioned outsider from so suggesting).

posted by Martin |11:44 AM
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