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Sunday, July 27, 2003 

...and answer came there none!

Well a big fat zero, as expected and received, was all the reply we got to our questions to Michael Harvey regarding the farce UKIP chooses to call its MEP candidate selection process for the June 2004 EP elections.

Amongst the plethora of actual e-mails arriving in our absence were many carrying yet more news of the UKIP leaderships increasingly obvious attempts to promote Britain's total coalescence within the EU (or perhaps. looking at it from a charitable viewpoint, simply clinging to their present EU perks) comes news that the totally discredited Disciplinary Committee is once more to enter the fray in destroying and subverting the best elements of the party, this time reportedly with Judith Longman in their sights on 1st August, 2003 with the laughable charge (particularly with the Treasurer's Report of real ballot rigging remaining unanswered) of some form of impropriety related to the very same MEP candidate selection situation. How many paid officials will sit on that panel, we wonder and will their names be ever revealed?

Other items that have been raised in our absence, a return to the Bristol BNP infiltration allegations, Dick Morris and the implications of statements by various party officials as to the level, means and source of his funds, more Harvey threats and ultimatums etc., etc.

In view of the dynamics of the rapidly changing political situation within the EU, New Labour, the Tories and of course the UK Independence Party we hope to quickly return to regular, and where appropriate, more frequent up-dates of this blog starting from tomorrow.

If any UKIP Party member has received anything in the way of a reply to the questions posed Michael Harvey in the post below, please let us know and we will post them as appropriate.

posted by Martin |8:52 PM
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