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Tuesday, July 15, 2003 

Accepting Contradictory Truths

The title of this post implies a nonsense. Events happen as they occur. If two observers witness an event and subsequently provide conflicting accounts of what happened, one of them is mistaken and therefore wrong.

In the matter of the copyright infringement of the videotapes of the BBC programme 'Desperately seeking eutopia - The enemy within', as covered in detail in our post found from this link Video Tape Copyright Infringement by Nigel Farage dated 1st May 2003, it was clear that either Jeffrey Titford's version of events was true and Nigel Farage's was not, or the reverse was the case. The circumstances as described in that post, make it almost certain that both these two senior and most publicised party members cannot both be telling the truth. Either Titford was shown a letter that Mosaic Films vehemently insist they never wrote, or he was not. Let me quote from that blog :-

Extraordinarily on 24th August the party leader Jeffrey Titford wrote to the party secretary regarding his warning stating: “ The facts are that Nigel has permission to reproduce the video, this was given by Mosaic who made the programme. I have seen this letter.

If this is true, where did the letter come from and where is it today?

The voting public seem unwilling to live with this kind of paradox. UKIP party members who appear so unconcerned, must surely soon be brought to face the electoral reality of these kinds of actions by their representatives.

Now UKIP is facing another such contradiction. Yesterday we published, a statement made by the Party Chairman David Lott, which frankly we find extraordinary. As our post raised certain important questions we e-mailed a copy of that post to Mr Lott with a copy to the Party Treasurer. So far no reply has been received.

We are doing our own survey of donors' contributions to UKIP over the past few calendar quarters and from a first look it appears that since the large sums received during the last General Election campaign in the second quarter of 2001, nothing further was received other than twenty-seven thousand and ninety nine pounds in the fourth quarter of 2001 (of which twenty-five thousand was a donation from one Lady) until the first quarter of this year when seven thousand pounds donated to the party by two separate companies.

A correspondent to this blog points out that Mr Lott's statement has a touch of the "Comic Ali" about it, a similarity we have noted in earlier Chairman Lott statements. More significantly he states Mr Lott's believability would increase, if only, when rubbishing the amounts Mr Morris is rumoured to be getting, he provided the true information. Political parties should be particularly concerned about openness as regards where money goes". A statement with which we thoroughly concur.

As stated at the end of the blog on the Video Tapes:-

"We are conscious that this parade of facts on an internet site could rob those involved of the right to reply. WE WILL POST ANY REPLIES OR REFUTATIONS ANYONE MENTIONED IN THE ABOVE POST MIGHT CARE TO MAKE. Such should be sent to

We will again send a copy of this latest blog to the Party Chairman, with a copy to the Treasurer who has already been quoted on this blog as seeking openness. Answers are urgently needed, if what the Chairman has stated and now circulated widely throughout the party, namely that Dick Morris' expenses (PLEASE DEFINE!) are being met by donors for that express purpose:-

Who are they and how much have they donated to date?

Have they committed to maintain that level of donation throughout the period of Morris' contract?

If the figures provide in our post of 11th July The Morris Fees are as wildly incorrect as David Lott claims, what are the true figures? After all if the costs are to be met by donors, as Lott now claims, these figures will eventually appear on the Electoral Commission web site linked herewith, and in the apparent complete absence of other regular contributions they will, to say the least, be hard to miss!

The Electoral Commission web-site with the search engine giving access to party donations is available from this link:-

Party Donations

posted by Martin |8:33 AM
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