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Saturday, June 21, 2003 

Whereto UKIP

I have searched the national press in vain for an official UKIP response to Giscard's Constitution and found nothing. For a party that describes itself as the country's fourth largest and the major anti-EU movement this is an absolute farce. All knew, for many months, that the constitution would be considered by the EU's Leaders at Thessaloniki and a massive press blitzkrieg should have been prepared. On 12th May 2003 we pointed out what needed to be done and the obstacles that stood in the way.

Those obstacles remain and they are at the top of what is now your not our party. They are principally Roger Knapman, David Lott, Michael Harvey and Derek Clark....unless these proven incompetents are removed, the anti-EU forces within the UK will continue to be rendered both powerless and futile with whatever amount of effort and hours your volunteers donate, losing its impact in the turmoil of their eventual and inevitable exposure.

posted by Martin |8:28 AM
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