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Tuesday, June 24, 2003 

The Topsy-Turvy World of Michael Harvey

Ask, "how come?" he launched a postal ballot with my name removed from the Ballot Papers which arrived in the North East on 24th April, while my appeal was lodged within the time limit he and Derek Clark established, namely on 9th May 2003, and he replies with a re-iteration of the reasons for my disqualification which are to say the least coloured and distant from the actual events.

It is clear from his reply. that to his mind he can never be in the wrong, the result of the appeal procedure was a foregone conclusion, and therefore as judge, jury and executioner the matter is now closed!.

Just as with Chairman Lott, there was no problem regarding my first choice application for the South West region Quote It was just "deleted", no record no problem! one presumes by the Returning Officer Mr Michael Harvey, but as clearly demonstrated in this last exchange There is no point asking him" What about the big blob of Tippex that must exist on their copy of my application form (but of course not mine)?"

The truth as to what has been going on in UKIP over the past few months, never mind recent years that are well known and reported by the euro-federalists, will only be discovered and rectified by turfing out those most clearly responsible Knapman, Lott, Harvey and Clark. Holding a deep and rigorous inquiry to determine who else should go, then instituting a campaign to restore credibility and trust, first among the party mebership and after among the public at large.

Why should I care? Because I want Britain out of the non-democratic European Union and UKIP in its present shape is the main hindrance to that being achieved!

Time is getting short!

posted by Martin |5:57 PM
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