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Tuesday, June 24, 2003 

A Reply from Michael Harvey

The following has been received from Michael Harvey, and as promised we are posting it in its entirety below:-

Dear Mr Cole

Thank you for affording me the courtesy of copying me in on your posting
to new-ind-uk (something that my other critics have not had the grace to
do) and thank you for offering to copy my reply there. I trust you will
post the whole reply whereas previously when quoting from my e-mails you
have cut them severely (in one case down to one sentence!) to fit your

What a topsy-turvy world we live in when I have to rely on the goodwill
of a non-UKIP member to post my message to a UKIP members' list!

For the benefit of UKIP members who have so far only heard one side of
events, the circumstances regarding your disqualification from the North
East election can be summarised as follows:

Unlike in most regions, the campaign in the North East was extremely
acrimonious. I attended the second hustings meeting and was dismayed by
the hostile questions from the floor aimed at both yourself and Mr Troy
by your respective supporters.

You received a warning from the Party Chairman, David Lott, not to
attack a fellow candidate (a breach of election rules).

You received a further warning from me on April 3rd in my capacity as
Returning Officer after you circulated e-mails to UKIP members in the NE
and elsewhere attacking Mr Troy and also national Party members.

You subsequently repeated some of these remarks. You were quoted in in
the Northern Echo dated 7th April saying: "I will be unwilling to
continue my UKIP candidacy without a complete change of the leadership
of the party".

Consequently you left me with no alternative but to disqualify you from
the postal ballot for selection of candidates for the North East list of
prospective UKIP Euro-election candidates. It is not acceptable for a
potential candidate to make unwarranted allegations against senior Party

You appealed against this decision to the independent Discipline Panel.
Your appeal was rejected.

You were due to appear before a disciplinary hearing on June 11th but
you resigned your membership of the Party on June 10th.

As far as the Party is concerned, the matter is now closed.

Michael Harvey

We will not be in a position to respond to Mr Harvey's reply until later this evening due to pressure of other matters.

posted by Martin |1:36 PM
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