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Sunday, June 22, 2003 

Political Party Financing Problems for UKIP

Our sister blogspot Ironies has just posted a long analysis of the Regulation on Political Party Financing that was passed in the European Parliement on 19th June, 2003. UKIP's MEPs made the following statement on this matter as reported in EurActiv Quote:-

In a joint statement, MEPs Jens-Peter Bonde (Denmark), Graham Booth (UK), Nigel Farage (UK) and Jeffrey Titford (UK) dismissed the Council's proposal as "illegal and certainly immoral". Some MEPs have declared their intention to take the case to the European Court of Justice, as they consider the new regulation discriminatory against the smaller political groups.

Very well said indeed. I have seen no other reaction from the party, but this clearly is a threat to a major source of the party's present income. There are worrying signs that the reaction among UKIP's less than united or thoughtful leadership, might be to imitate the Conservatives and say one thing while doing another in order to continue to receive the Danegeld.

This would be disastrous, the only way forward seems to us to maintain our policies for withdrawal from the EU, and if we have to kiss seats in the European Parliament and the money they bring Goodbye then so be it. After all anybody in UKIP who is seriously committed to the party has to believe that at some point British MEPs will not survive. The odds are stacked against all Eurorealists but we cannot beat the EU by joining it.

UKIP's obsession with MEPs has distracted it for too long; this new regulation entering into effect at the beginning of the next European Parliament shows how futile that distraction has been.

The moment of Decision has come and deferring it in anticipation of a legal ruling against the rule just made jointly by the Commission and Parliament in accordance with the provisions of the Nice Treaty is, I am afraid, a pipe dream.

posted by Martin |12:31 PM
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