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Saturday, June 14, 2003 

Peter Hain

An item and profile on Peter Hain in today's Daily Telegraph gives us the following quotes from the new Leader of the House. On the way the reshuffle was handled and the division of responsibilities over Wales he says:-

"this whole issue could have been communicated far more effectively from Downing Street" - but he insists he is "crystal clear" about what he is doing.

"I will continue as Welsh Secretary. I will do less of the ceremonial side - opening factories and visiting schools - but I will answer questions . . . People find change unsettling, but we are a radical, reforming government and we are going to stay that way."

Then later towards the end we have this quote:-

"If you'd told me 10 years ago that I'd be in this position, I'd have said: 'Dream on' . . . I've always been a doer in my political life. I've never been interested in rhetoric or posturing, so to have the privilege to actually do something is fantastic."

How quickly things change, it was only yesterday that we quoted him using this fine piece of rhetorical posturing:-

"But I just want to reassure everybody that I will continue with my ambition of creating a world-class Wales."

So now we know building a world class Wales is accomplished by answering questions. No wonder he thinks the Convention is purely a tidying-up exercise, he has failed to even begin to grasp the underlying fundamentals, too busy no doubt getting married, working on his boxes and ensuring he might not appear to be posturing. Hain is indeed a fitting symbol of this administration.

If you follow the link below to read the full piece on Hain, do take the chance to also read the Tom Utley's article in today's paper. His description of Tony Blair as a "jet setting piece of Eurotrash" and the comparative qualities of Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurries and Gin and Tonic are but two of the gems of the piece.


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