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Wednesday, June 18, 2003 

NE Committee Disciplinary Hearing

We have been receiving conflicting reports as to the status of the kangaroo court that was supposed to be convened today to hear disciplinary charges against the suspended volunteer members of the NE Regional Committee brought by Peter Troy, Christine Williamson and their co-conspirators.

Hard facts are yet to hand, but we are able to post a letter written by the defendents yesterday to Party Secretary Clark, making a strong case for this affront to justice to be brought to an immediate end.

The Leadership Cabal continue to ignore all sense and blindly drive the party towards oblivion. Here is the letter:-

Dear Mr Clark,

Disciplinary Complaints (Names Removed)

Thank you for your email of last night.

As you are well aware, this matter goes far beyond simply sending a letter to members. There are various issues involved, (including the false membership lists in the run-up to the postal ballot for European Election candidates and the funding of the Hartlepool office), and Mr Troy’s conduct is integral to them all.

The question of Mr Troy’s conduct was the subject of an Enquiry commissioned by former Party Leader Mr Titford some two or three years ago. It was carried out by Mr Webster-Gardiner and found in favour of the Regional Committees of the North West, Yorkshire/Humberside and the North East, and against Mr Troy.

Only last month, a thorough Investigation conducted by the Party Treasurer Mr de Roeck found against Mr Troy with regard to false entries on membership lists in the North East.

It is completely inappropriate to attempt to deal with the situation piecemeal: tomorrow’s hearing should be cancelled. The only way to resolve the matter is for there to be a full Investigation by an independent agreed panel. Since those involved and witnesses all live in the North, it should be held there.

It is worth noting that much anti-EU activity in the North East in the name of UKIP has now ceased, following the suspension/disbandment of the Regional Committee, at a crucial time in British politics. As you know, just yesterday Mr Prescott announced referenda for regional assemblies in the North West, Yorkshire and the North East, the very areas where UKIP is in disarray.

In the prominent coverage given to regionalisation on both BBC and ITV national and local news, UKIP did not get a mention; the case against an Assembly was eloquently put by Neil Herron.

Yours sincerely,
cc. Mr R. Knapman, NEC members, Regional Chairmen
(the letter is signed by 3 suspended NE Committee elected members, names removed in accordance with this blogs new editorial policy of protecting individuals, as far as possible when dealing with the present UKIP Leadership, from obscene and unwarranted attacks).

posted by Martin |8:48 PM
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