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Tuesday, June 24, 2003 

Harvey harangues; but answer came there none

In another fora Michael Harvey has chosen to repeat his earlier allegations against Martin Cole.

Answering the extraordinarily simple question regarding his running the MEP candidate ballot in spite of Cole's pending appeal, of course, continues to be ignored. Our position on the disciplinary matter was covered at length on 17th June and can be re-visited by that link.

Here is a direct quote from an e-maiI put out by Mr Harvey this morning highlighting his present siege mentality and desperate resort to totally inappropriate WWII anti-espionage slogans.:-

I trust you will let list members know that "walls have ears" and "careless talk costs votes". The last thing we need is to give the anti-UKIP brigade ammunition with which to attack us in the run-up to the euro elections

Mr Harvey is confusing cause and effect. The party of which he is General Secretary is falling into disrepute as a result of his actions. He and others in Leadership positions have been so frequently incompetent and underhand, that the victims of their machinations and personal attacks are now so numerous, that the facts can no longer be hidden.

Thus it is all coming out into the open, which Messrs.Harvey and co are powerless to prevent. As stated previously for a start to be made on salvaging the party urgent change is needed at the top. An essential start is the removal of Knapman, Lott, Harvey and Clark from their present positions. Peter Troy, of course, must also leave in spite of his bungled election rigging having paved the way for the exposure of his party seniors.

posted by Martin |12:33 PM
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