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Wednesday, June 04, 2003 

Circular E-Mail to UKIP Members

The following e-mail was sent by Martin Cole, last Saturday morning to several members of UKIP National Executive Committee with blind copies to as many ordinary party members as possible.


I apologise to members of the NEC who are receiving multiple copies of this email. This is due to our attempt to reach as broad and as large a cross section of the membership as possible thus giving them the chance to respond directly to you. We are limited in the number of recipients we can include on each message, and the daily total we can send from one hotmail address.

Dear Fellow Member of the UK Independence Party,

We at the blogspot have been trying over the last couple of months to throw some light on the workings of our party. It is, we regret to have to inform you, in dire straits.

Please take the time to try to visit our web site over the coming weekend. There you will find various articles and comments on recent startling events surrounding the attempts to impose selected head office favourites on certain regions for the upcoming European Parliamentary elections. Also there is some background information on our present leadership and past controversial incidents, such as the pirated video tapes and the attempt to extort money from the Conservative Party at the last general election.

Although it is unlikely that outsiders would casually come across the web site, there are certain other matters so serious that we have considered it unwise to place details on the website. Among these are the threats of personal violence made against those who have had the courage to try and resist the descent of our party towards the gutter.

The Chairman/woman of the North East and Yorkshire regions, who have no connection with one another except for the elected positions they hold in their respective regions, both received an offer of personal protection from a company providing bodyguards namely, CSPA (UK) Ltd., of Harrogate. Nobody can of course prove this was a threat, nor indeed that it had any connection with anybody within UKIP, but it seems an extraordinary coincidence. Especially as we have been told of a more open threat delivered elsewhere.

We do not know the reasons for the recent resignation of the NW regional committee chairwoman and NEC member, but her voice for the ordinary membership will be badly missed. If the upcoming NEC meeting on Monday goes the way of those in the recent past, more such reasonable voices may be lost, and the task of recuing the party will become hopeless.

Our commendation and thanks should be due to those who in spite of all this have remained with the party and continue to fight to return it onto a sounder course. Imagine for a moment how you would feel, first receiving a solicitor's letter informing you that you were suspended from your elected position, a role to which you had devoted many freely given hours a day for some considerable time. This blow, only to be followed by weeks of concerted and unjustified attacks, innuendo and villification being finally capped by the arrival of a glossy brochure from a private protection firm, with its inherent suggestion that you might well soon be in need of such services? Can anyone seriously believe that an ordinary volunteer party member going about their daily lives could possibly afford such a service?

On Monday 2nd June the NEC of the UK Independence Party will meet with several critical items on its agenda. Please contact any Committee member you may know and make your opinion on these important matters known. Is it not democracy for which we fight?
Urgent decisions are required on the following:

1) The reinstatement of the Yorkshire & Humberside and North East Regional Committees. Failing this legal proceedings look inevitable and the party's case weak.

2) The situation following Troy's resignation as MEP candidate and the implications on Cole's earlier and now upheld disqualification.

3) Settlement or continuation of the imminently pending High Court case regarding an earlier candidate disqualification in an NEC election.

4) The implications for the party's finances of the likely legal costs involved in fighting items 1 to 3 above, given the overspending in the incompetently handled recent local and regional elections.

5) Halting immediately any further contact with the disgraced pollster Dick Morris as reported in last Thursday's Daily Telegraph.

And last but very far from least…..

6) Surely, now, at this late stage, the calling to account by the NEC of those responsible for the current situation. Can it really be too much to hope that serious steps might now be taken to remove the incompetents who are driving the party into the ground at the very time outside events are moving so clearly in the Eurorealists’ favour.

The Blogspot UKIP Uncovered can be visited for further detailed background material on all these matters by clicking on the link

Read what you choose and believe it or not, but let the NEC members know how you feel about the future of our party. Preferably ahead of Monday's crucial meeting, for if it goes the same way as recent such gatherings yet more decent volunteer members may well see no alternative but to resign!

This email has been sent to as many NEC members as possible and copied to a party discussion forum. As many ordinary members as possible have been sent blind copies.

Forward this to other UKIP members you may feel might have an interest. Get them to drop us an email if they wish to be included in an future updates, should such be necessary.

If you are not a UKIP member or have no interest in receiving future communications, please also send us an email and we will remove you from our listings. We are sorry to have troubled you.

Democracy depends on information, we aim to keep you aware of what is happening within the UK Independence Party, nothing more nor less.

In any event, please consider this dilemma, if we cannot fight to win back our party from the undemocratic and secretive forces that now have it in their grip, how can we expect to lead the fight to win back our Country from the undemocratic and secretive powers of the EU.

Very sincerely,

The Team at UKIP Uncovered

posted by Martin |11:04 AM
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