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Wednesday, April 30, 2003 

The Internet Effect on Elections

It is really quite extraordinary what one can find lying around on the internet. Obscure bits and pieces that before this electronic marvel would never ever have seen the light of day, now available to all at a click of a mouse. Take this item as an example, available on the link below but not quoted in full:-

United Kingdom Independence Party, Isle of Wight Branch
-- Annual General Meeting 27th November 2002 --

The Minutes of the previous Annual General meeting of 1st November 2001 were passed. It was noted that the £200 contribution to the abbatoir feasibility study agreed at that meeting had largely been wasted, since the study had been performed by an offshoot of the Meat and Livestock Commission and had considered only unreasonably costly solutions. However, the idea is not dead; between them Richard North and the farmers have devised ways of doing the job more cheaply and hope that it will prove possible to put them into operation. A suitable site for the abbatoir has been chosen.

UKIP Isle of White AGM

What does it mean the £200 contribution to the abbatoir feasibility study agreed at that meeting had largely been wasted where had it gone? Why were these worthy people in the Isle of Wight sitting in that lovely old pub worrying about an abbattoir? What is the connection between the Isle of Wight branch Chairman and now National Chairman David Lott and Richard North presently at the centre of the Yorkshire and Humberside Committee suspension dispute?

The Internet brings us so much but often answers so little. Much is available for instance on the activities of UKIP's sitting MEPs during their time in Brussels and Strasbourg, time was when being an incumbent was seen as an advantage. With the unforgiving internet giving instant access to all, is this still the case?

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