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Saturday, January 15, 2005 

Robert Kilroy-Silk and Europe Minister Macshane!

UKIP becomes daily more pathetic as the party's leadership desperately try to maintain the pretence that Roger Knapman is the UK's best weapon against the EU. The announced headline speakers on the EU motion at the Annual Conference of the Federation of Small Businesses should now dispel that crazed notion for once and for all. The event will be as follows according to this release from the FSB:

FSB Press Release

Excitement builds as FSB announces line up of top speakers for Conference 2005

With controversial MEP Robert Kilroy Silk and the government's Europe Minister Dr Denis MacShane already confirmed as headline speakers, the FSB's 2005 Conference is shaping up to be just as lively as ever.

The television presenter turned politician and the Foreign Office Minister will be speaking to an expected audience of close to 600 delegates who will then have the chance to vote on a hotly anticipated motion on the European Union. The conference takes place at the Hilton Metropole, Birmingham from the 18th to the 20th March 2005 against the backdrop of a fast approaching general election.

About 20,000 voters in each constituency depend on the success of small businesses for their livelihood.........................

Think ahead to March - if Nigel Farage and Roger Knapman continue to have their way, the dispute over EGM's and how many branches constitute twenty per cent of UKIP's total will still be locked in the courts, while in the country at large expectations of an impending general election will abound, possibly even campaigns will be underway - yet who is the headline leader for the eurosceptic movement chosen to debate Denis MacShane - none other than the man Knapman and Farage are determined to prevent leading their supposed anti-EU party to a potentially historic victory, Robert Kilroy-Silk .

Roger Knapman on the other hand, if his present antics continue, will soon be unlikely to be selected as headline speaker in any village hall in the country, except perhaps one within easy reach of his Devonshire farmhouse.

The reason for this is clear if you read on to the posting beneath this. Nigel Farage and Roger Knapman (soon to be followed, no doubt, by more and more of UKIP's MEPs) have become creatures of the EU through the perks of the EU Parliament, just like the MEPS of the other political parties in Britain. No surprise there, after all that is what the Parliament effectively exists to do. The European Federalists expect little other than sham opposition for the more than one million pounds a year all political parties are said to gain for each one of their elected MEPs! No wonder it now seems Farage is on record as wanting ever more EU, bearing in mind his proven lack of principle of course, read on to the post below.

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