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Thursday, December 09, 2004 

Questions for the UKIP Chairman on the Ramsgate Shop

I have been told that the following questions have been put to the Party Chairman from a member concerned about the detail of UKIP's entry into what appears from today's Guardian article (linked in the post below) to be an entry into the retailing of bath robes through an eventual chain of shops named UKIP and Sons.


Please let me know what how much money UKIP will make from this venture. (initially I would like an explanation of the proposed revenue split in the business plan). What is the name and company registration of the legal entity that operates the shop?

Are there any plans to establish such shops in other parts of the country?

What is the nature of the contract between UKIP and the legal entity that operates the shop?

Who signed the contract on behalf of UKIP?

Was the contract approved by an NEC vote?


posted by Martin |2:42 PM
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