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Tuesday, December 14, 2004 

More Grubby Details

As more details of the Westminster Ghost Branch emerge, it has become apparent that more was intended than simply setting up a ghost branch. For half an hour John Moran harangued the hapless attendees with lies and smears about the branch officials who are actually responsible for the area in which he was falsely attemtping to establish a branch in competition with
the existing legally constituted branch structure.

He attacked K&C (Central London) branch members like Damian Hockney, John de Roeck and Tony Scholefield over their support for Robert Kilroy-Silk, conveniently forgetting the tens of thousands of pounds put into the party by these people.

Following receipt of a transcript of the meeting, UKIP Leader in the London Assembly and Chair of the branch in question Damian Hockney has written again to the Party Secretary, cc'd to the NEC, asking him for urgent clarification of what is going on. That letter is posted below. And below that is the letter written by London Region Organiser Lawrence Webb to the
Party HQ making clear the irregularities over John Moran's branch.

How soon do we believe any of them will get a response? "All I have had so far is rude, obnoxious and slightly unhinged replies from Nigel Farage and Mike Nattrass," Damian Hockney told one branch chairman in the West Midlands last night.


attn Party Secretary

13th December 2004


Further to my earlier e-mail, I am attaching the note sent by the London Region Organiser to Head Office about the crisis over ghost branches as it affects London and the matter of the "inaugural meeting of Westminster branch".

Can you confirm to me who is responsible for the matter of branches within the party? I have now seen a transcript of the inaugural meeting and it is truly extraordinary. I cannot tolerate smears and lies being spread to my own members about the officials of the branch at secret meetings masquerading as the establishment of a constituency association by people who do not even live in my branch area. This was clearly planned in secret to attack and defame the officials of the branch. It was not an accident, and it was also designed as an attempt to mislead party members. I am now aware that others on the NEC were aware of this planned attack on the
Kensington & Chelsea (Central London) branch, in particular Nigel Farage who, I understand, told Greg Lance-Watkins before the weekend that it was going to happen.

John Moran claims to be involved in Westminster and Kingston branches when he is registered in the party in the South East and lives in the South East. Can you please provide me the names and details of those who might have contacted you purporting to establish a branch, and can you please confirm to me that, if you are indeed the official responsible, you will make clear a branch is already established there and that they should operate through the proper channels. No-one in Westminster has got in touch with the branch officials to ask about the establishment of a new Constituency Association in part of the area covered by the Branch.


Damian Hockney
Leader, UK Independence Party Group
London Assembly
City Hall

and Chairman, Kensington & Chelsea (Central London) branch

----- Original Message -----

Sent: Monday, December 13, 2004 4:34 AM
Subject: London Branches

It has come to my attention that people from outside London region are trying to form branches/constituency associations in London without first contacting this office.

This is directly undermining work that we are doing in trying to ensure that every constituency in this region is represented by a branch.

The process employed also seems less than democratic as not all members in these areas are being contacted and advised of meetings that are taking place.

Just such a meeting took place last Friday. This meeting, was to try and establish a new branch and took place without the knowledge of the chairman of Kensington and Chelsea branch, which covers the "Cities of London and Westminster" constituency.

I would ask therefore that if you get any future request for "branch starter packs", or indeed receive any completed paperwork that you do not process it until you have had confirmation from myself or someone else in the London Regional Office.

Lawrence J. Webb (London Regional Organiser)

posted by Martin |7:30 AM
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