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Friday, December 03, 2004 

Kilroy sprayed with farmyard slurry on arrival for Any Questions

Undeterred he launched into a fierce attack on 'one rule for them' another for us in answer to the first question on the Blunkett scandals. Immediately the audience were fully behind him and laughter greeted later attempts to defend the Home Secretary.

The second question concerned Brown's pre-budget statement and his own ambitions for the premiership. Kilroy raised the cost of the EU - quoting the opportunity of raising pensions by thirty pounds a week with the amount now going to the EU!

The third questioner (who had exchanged clothes with Kilroy to allow him to appear) asked whether an orange tan, chisel jaw etc., were good attributes as a political leader.

Kilroy chose to respond to an earlier gibe that leaving the EU would cost jobs. It is despicable for any politician to state that such was the case he averred, and it means they have lost the argument. Pressed he was asked whether he wished to lead the party he stated he hoped the EGM would go ahead before Christmas and that he would be leader by then. As a follow-up he was asked by Dimbleby whether as leader his slogan would be to kill the Tories - 'they're doing a good enough job of that themselves,' he immediately retorted.

Muslims were the next issue and here Robert Kilroy-Silk, the first to reply, rose to the implications that he was a closet racist with a defence of the remarks that lost him his BBC programme and a firm statement that people should in future be no longer afraid to address these issues.

There followed a debate on whether all cultures were equal. Amidst much audience barracking Kilroy pointed out that there were regimes in which many British women would not be comfortable to live. It appeared that the man responsible for the farmyard slurry that had covered Kilroy-Silk had done it, 'In the name of Islam'

The next question was on the introduction of the ID Card. The Labour representative predictably justified them on the grounds that the rest of the EU had them already. Kilroy stated it will not stop terrorism, crime etc. etc., ..... it is an expensive con he concluded.

I will post a link to the 'Listen Again' facility tomorrow. To hear the broadcst CLICK HERE

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