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Saturday, December 04, 2004 

Graham Booth from another Cosmos

As it is a long while since we posted any extracts from Graham Booth's earlier political writings, but were reminded of them by his re-launch into the limelight on 'Any Answers' this afternoon, here are a few quotes - My favourite on the environment "Can't someone design a windmill that could pass for a tree?:

COSMOS Political Proposals from Graham Booth MEP

(Creation Of the Silent Majority's Opportunity to Speak)

"The sole purpose of COSMOS is to dramatically improve Britain's future prospects."

"System of Government:
I believe that a system of Proportional Representation would be much more equitable and would probably result in a coalition government, thus using the best brains, regardless of party, to take the key roles, so that Britain's interests could at last be given full consideration................."
"I would question the need for 600 odd MPs, many of whom are of dubious quality - why not increase the present salary of £33,000 per year to say, £100,000 but at the same time reduce the number of MPs to approximately 100................."

"The Economy
Why not control the rate of inflation at an 'acceptable' level of, say, 3 to 4% with STRICT controls on WAGES AND PRICES.............."

To deter young offenders, when given custodial sentences, I would suggest that a stiff, daily work routine should be arranged for them, suopervised by ex-RSM's..............."
"Personally I can't see any problem with carrying an ID card, even including a genetic fingerprint - if it helped reduce crime the so-called "loss of civil liberties" would be a price worth paying......"

Would it not, therefore, be a good idea to use £5 per week from the employERs share of National Insurance..........for each employee and give it to BUPA (or similar). With some 20million new customers it should be possible to negotiate a pretty good deal!"

COSMOS would invite opinion through a referendum on the lines of:
1 'Do you wish to revert to the original idea of a simple free-trade group of European countries?'
[2 & 3 not shown for bevity]
"IF the first option won the majority vote I would have no problem with a single currency"

After A levels, a six month 'Outward Bounds' style course, perhaps on the lines of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, should be compulsory for all boys (and girls) to instill a sense of responsibilty into our children as they approach adulthood."

I suggest an immediate ban on all unsolicited junk mail................"
"It does seem particularly ironical that the world's leading spokesman on contraception is the head of the all-male, all celibate Vatican! If only all couple could be persuaded that two children make an ideal family, the world's population would level out and soon actually decrease."

Maybe newspapers could include a couple of pages each day confined to reports on "Good News" items........"

I feel much more use could be made of natural power.....can't someone design a windmill that could pass for a tree? Some very attractive electric cars are coming on to the market.....

If I had my way, the entire system of MEP's [sic] would be dispanded (at £130,000 pa, tax free, every eight MEP's [sic] costs over £1million pa).........

More policemen back on the beat, especially at night, would be very welcome- why not encourage Insurance cvompanies to sponsor them? It would be a novel way of advertising, at the same time preventing crime (and claims).

To deter young offenders, when given custodial sentences, I would suggest that a stiff, daily work routine should be arranged for them, supervised by ex-RSM's [sic]. Each "prisoner" would have his own, small, clean, simple room with a bed, table, chair, shower and WC, but no alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, TV or video would be allowed, possibly a radio tuned to Radio 4. No contact would be allowed between inmates, but adult counsellors would be available if they became desperate for company. Visitors would be kept behind glass screens and the library would contain only classical or educational books.....
It might be an idea to give an OPTION of corporal punishment which, if accepted, would save the taxpayer the cost of supervision but would still act as a deterrent.

Perhaps if 'joyriders' are called 'CAR THIEVES' and 'muggers' are called 'COWARDLY THUGS' etc the stigma that was once attached to criminals might be re-established......

(on the single currency, then just a pipedream)

I would see no problem with a single currency. [if a referendum voted to return to a free-trade area].
If other countries in the EU...agreed to use the pound sterling as the new currency, I am sure that Britain would be only too pleased to agree! Likewise if everyone agreed to use the DM, the Germans would be equally delighted.
To save squabbles it would clearly be better for all of the countries involved to change to a new rate (eg the Ecu).
......I can't see the need for a Central Bank, providing that existing National Banks continue to co-operate as they do at the moment.

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