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Monday, November 22, 2004 

Farage's source for the Barrot scandal story

In trying to uncover the source of the last moment revelation of the Jaques Barrot corruption involvement last Friday, I was informed that a UKIP researcher had 'come across' the information on a normal internet search...... and that the item had appeared in The Times last February.

Other sources pointed to Le Pen, while some ruled out any French involvement whatsoever. The facts still remain a mystery.

One thing seems certain, The Times article could not have been unearthed in any casual internet search. To find the relevant mention we had to pay the usual fee (making a UKIP search ever less likely) and it was hardly of sufficient note or consequence to have stuck in the mind. I quote the reference below:-

Edition 4MTUE 03 FEB 2004, Page 14
Government corruption in France

2000: Pierre Mehaignerie, former centre-right Justice Minister, and Jacques Barrot, former Labour Minister, sentenced to eight months in jail, suspended, and two-year ban from elected officefor illicit financing of their Centre for Social Democrats party. Convictions annulled by presidential amnesty

Try typing Jaques Barrot into your search engine and seeing if that will result (or click here when you give up). So who did give Farage this information that - for a brief moment - allowed UKIP's spoiler, to appear to eclipse the almost certainly genuinely anti-EU Robert Kilroy-Silk?

Note also, that the ban from public office - now disputed by MonsieurBarrot - is clearly stated in The Times report that has now been unearthed.

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