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Friday, November 19, 2004 

Disgraced ex-Tory MP gets prime parliamentary shot!

The corrupt cronyism of the Farage/Knapman leadership, continued at the cost of euroscepticism in general, was once again in evidence this week when it was announced that disgraced Tory and resigned MP John Browne was named as the UKIP candidate to contest the prime targeted North Devon constituency in the coming General Election campaign.

UKIP Uncovered undertook some detailed research into the background of this former Tory due to the frequent favoured treatment he received from his friends at the top of UKIP and the damage this was dealing to the party's reputation and cause. These postings may be read bt clicking here, here, here of August 2003 and finally the exhaustive posting on the background to this ex-MP titled 'A Winding Trail' of 3rd September 2003, with numerous and extensive links, which may be read from here.

Surely the lesson of the North East failure by similarly disgraced ex-Tory Piers Merchant last June should by now have been taken on board - especially as the latter's unsuitability has been finally recognised by his having been very recently released from his very senior UKIP post.

posted by Martin |7:52 AM
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