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Friday, May 14, 2004 

Kilroy-Silk's TV Company Axed by BBC

The Independent reports (linked here) that 65 employees will lose their jobs as a result of a BBC decision. Its almost gleeful reporting on the subject opens as follows:-

Robert Kilroy-Silk's anti-Islamic rant in a newspaper column in January has led to 65 members of his staff losing their jobs, the former Labour MP's television company revealed yesterday.

If my impression of the attitude of the report's writer, Ian Burrell, the paper's Media Editor, is correct and is in any way a reflection of the way the BBC announced or handled the matter, then it would be difficult to conclude that the axing is not in some way connected with the recent announcement of Mr Kilroy-Silk's UKIP candidacy.

It would be a travesty, that sixty five people were to thus lose their means of earning a living, if such considerations had even remotely affected this axing.

The actual Sunday Express column,which may be read in full from this link while not in any way being remotely close to temperate lumped the Arabs together as if they were a distinct racial group only in the title and otherwise seemed careful to refer to Arab countries when liberally laying out the bitter criticism.

The Independent this morning in referring to the column as an anti-Islamic rant, amply illustrates the pitfalls of sloppy editing if not confused conceptual thinking. Were I now to attack the Scots for meanness I might be indulging in stereotyped, prejudicial and bigoted thinking and writing, but it could hardly be construed as an assault against the Church of Scotland!

posted by Martin |5:16 AM
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