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Tuesday, May 11, 2004 


A correspondent informed me as follows over the past weekend:-

Among the many wild accusations on your website you query Robert's (Kilroy-Silk - ed) anti-EU position and whether he genuinely supports leaving the EU.

You might like to know that he has always believed that it was a mistake for Britain to have entered the Common Market, right from the outset, and indeed in the Referendum of 1975 - as a sitting Labour MP - he went against his party's policy and urged his constituents to vote against staying in.

I and several others have been endeavouring to obtain concrete evidence of that last assertion ever since, but so far without success. Anybody able to throw light on this claim is invited to contact the blog.

I also challenged the author of the above regarding his assertion that this blog made 'wild accusations'. No cases, let alone evidence of such has been received.

In a later communication received from the same source, however, I was advised, 'contrary to public rumours, Derek Clark was so pleased,' when when he heard that RK-S was to stand in the East Midlands in his place, 'that he bought a bottle of bubbly to celebrate that evening with his wife'.

In the same message, as further evidence of some of the wild ideas presently current in the Midlands, it was suggested that I was completely wrong about Mike Nattrass not being willing to stand aside in the West Midlands - apparently, according to this source Nattrass 'puts success and achievement for UKIP before personal ambition. A genuine team player'.

Which will no doubt come as news to many who have worked alongside Nattrass at any time in recent years, from first-hand reports and other indications gathered here!

posted by Martin |1:53 PM
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