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Saturday, May 08, 2004 

Euro-scepticism's Enemies Within

Euro-sceptics, or as I choose to dub myself - Euro-realists, face much opposition. There is the combined strengths of the three main political parties and consequently the full power of the state in successive administrations. There are (probably not, therefore entirely co-incidentally) the combined effects of the main broadcast media and there is the money, influence and corrupted power of the European Union itself. Then there is the apparent gross incompetence or perhaps wilful disruption of the main political party, supposedly representing our cause in Britain: the UK Independence Party - which this blog exists to expose.

There are other, less obvious - but even more deadly opponents to our cause - and they are those who appear to pursue our aims, but in such a manner that their actions serve to make their attainment, not only less likely - but perhaps impossible. One such is, of course, Greg Lance-Watkins whose, regular rants and incitement to violence stain and neuter the entire eurosceptic movement. Lance-Watkins associates at the heart of UKIP's leadership cabal condemn the party to tags of ''Far Rght' as in yesterday's Daily Mirror, with worse no doubt yet to come.

Are there other even more insidious elements at work, apparently working hard for the cause of withdrawal, but in reality believing and aiming for something quite different. It would appear so and one such seems to be the editor of the noted Eurosceptic fact sheet and news source EU Facts Figures and Phantasies. As can be viewed from this link, the eurosceptic credentials of this well accepted anti-EU source appear impeccable as year after year twice a month it brings news of events within the supposedly evil empire.

Recently, however, it has been strongly suggesting that a vote for Michael Howard's Conservative Party will supposedly be the best means to secure Britain's withdrawal from the EU. As Howard's Tories do not believe in withdrawal under apparently any conceivable circumstances, I entered into a lengthy debate with the editor on an internet forum and eventually withdrew the link to EU Facts Figures and Phantasies from one of my blogs, as I believed it was not remaining completely true to the principles it ostensibly espoused. I received confirmation of these fears last evening in an e-mailed copy of another internet exchange where EUFFPH editor Christina Speight is quoted as stating:-

"**** says here what has needed saying for a long time - namely that straightforward withdrawal (from the EU - ed.) is not in Britain's best interests."

No road to Damascus conversion has taken place here then! She states it "has needed saying for a long time". Why then has she not been saying it? She most certainly has the vehicles!

Few who have been arguing with the doughty editor of EUFFPH over the past many months, would have guessed those were her underlying beliefs, nor many readers of her newsletter either I would wager.

posted by Martin |8:08 AM
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