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Monday, September 15, 2003 

Farage and Lance-Watkins

Damian Hockney UKIP NEC Member has made the following overnight statement from the USA:-

‘I am determined to stamp out the use of GLW by some people to spread their own side of the story in an unhelpful and personal manner - whatever may have been the case in the past, he is now totally and finally discredited and cannot be allowed to play a role in informally disseminating party information in return for fees. I call upon Richard North and Peter Troy to now stop all contact with him, for others not to allow him to attend local UKIP meetings, and will be looking for the NEC to firmly deny and ridicule GLW's claims that he is "in daily contact" with certain named individuals in the party.’

If the NEC of UKIP were to issue any statement that GLW has not, for years, been in almost daily contact with senior party members such as Nigel Farage, then they will clearly be lying.

This is borne out from this contribution to an internet forum yesterday:-


The problem is that GLW is and has been a de facto member of UKIP and has been used for jobs - some seemingly nefarious - for the advantage of v.i.p.’s within.
Only met him once and he seemed to know what was going on and was very forthcoming until we were interrupted by a well known figure and they went off like great chums. I then realised he wasn’t just bull-------. With regard to plans for the democratisation of the NEC its too late we’ve had 4 yrs to do that. What we need is surgery for desperate times requiring desperate measures - people have to go.


This impeccable source, who we know personally, recounted this same tale to us and if memory serves correctly (it was over a couple of pints!) the “well known” figure was none other than Nigel Farage, MEP.

posted by Martin |7:45 AM
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