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Saturday, August 09, 2003 

UKIP not in the news

Usually once a day I make it a point of going to Google News and entering Uk Independence Party into the news search engine. Day after day almost nothing appears amongst the multude of results from Kenya, Seychelles etc., almost anywhere in fact, that has an independence movement and a remote connection with the UK. Rarely does anything of significance appear regarding UKIP and never have I had anything turning up other than on a local basis.

Today was no exception as far as national coverage was concerned, however, Bingo! on the local front, top of the list is a link to an article actually with a reference to UKIP within: Cheshire Online reports as follows:-

The last time Blacon Hall voters went to the polls was in the May local government elections when Labour group leader Cllr John Price, ex-husband to Lillian Price, romped home with 758 votes, but nationally Labour has taken enormous flak since then.

The UK Independence Party, which is not standing this time, came second with the Tories in third place and the Lib Dems trailing last.

Does anybody else find such publicity less than exciting and the decisions being made by the party which the report highlights even more peculiar, given the vast waste of resouces in May?

posted by Martin |9:55 AM
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